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Don't spend another minute stuck in a dead-end job.

Join the premier and comprehensive fast-track career strategy program created for modern millennial women.

Introducing Career Smartcut Program

This is the ultimate career strategy program you absolutely need. Learn everything you need to elevate your career and navigate the workplace with confidence.

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Who is this program specially designed for?

Career Smartcut is for early-to-mid-career, professionally ambitious women like you.

You have no shortage of determination in your career, but you are tired of the lack of clarity and progress you know you deserve and have earned. You want to understand how to navigate your career with intention, purpose, and authority.

This program aims to pave the way for driven women to create meaningful and successful careers—on your own terms.

Career Smartcut is...

Built with women in mind

Despite our talents and aspirations as women, we often face unique challenges in the corporate world. Career Smartcut is designed with this in mind, offering valuable guidance and tools to help millennial women succeed.

For women with slow career progression or stagnant salary growth

This program will help women create a strong personal brand to stand out in the competitive corporate world while learning to navigate the modern workplace and elevate their professional being at the same time.

career smartcut x modern monclaire

Career Smartcut x Modern Monclaire

For career changers, transitioners & those recently laid off

The course will provide students with the tools, knowledge, and resources to explore new opportunities, acquire relevant skills, and navigate the challenges of career changes and transitions.

Those experiencing professional & career unclarity

Career Smartcut Program is a complete game-changer for millennial women who might feel stuck on the corporate ladder, wanting more money, or unsure of their professional direction.

Replicate results. Not work.

Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.


Define Your Career Blueprint

Before jumping into the work, you will define your career strategy, informing your follow-up actions. The Career Smartcut Program outlines how to assess your position relative to your industry in the job market. We also do a deep dive into the basics of compensation philosophies and job leveling — everything you should know to get the best outcome in your current or future jobs.


Resume Strategy & Overhaul

Transform and overhaul your resume end-to-end. You'll walk away with a defined understanding of current resume basics and best practices as well as how to adjust your resume according to your career strategy.


Interviewing 101, Job Offer Assessment, & Negotiation

The Career Smartcut Program will give you the do's and don't of effective interviewing in a hybrid work environment. You will walk away understanding what your interviewing team is looking for at each stage in the process and how to assess your job offers and high-yield negotiation strategies — straight from an HR executive who gives you all the details and secrets.


The First 90 Days

The first 90 days on the job are the most crucial. Get the details on how to create your own onboarding plan so you can show up as your best self, ready to lean in on your next professional endeavor, and set yourself up for long-term success.


Navigating the Workplace

This is what sets the Career Smartcut Program apart from the rest. You'll learn the nitty gritty on promotions, raises, managing workplace conflicts, developing a strong relationship with your manager, and what to do if you're deemed an underperformer.

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Get step-by-step training to chart your dream career

The Program Includes:


Training & career resources (including bonuses and templates)

We'll deliver the best video trainings, workshops, and resources to help support you in this season of reinvention. 


From the comfort of your favorite couch (or coffeeshop).

With unlimited access to the course curriculum and online training platform, you can work at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. 


To transform your life—and have an impact.

Fulfillment comes when you give your gifts in the service of a cause you truly care about. Let's find the intersection of your career and your calling. 

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's the program for?

This program is designed for early-to-mid-career professional women looking to make a change in their career and chart a more fulfilling professional life.  

Whether you're two months or 20 years into a career, are considering a career change, or are currently unemployed, there's something for everyone at every stage of the professional journey. 

What skills do I need?

Only the skills and will necessary to learn, explore, and engage.

You should also know how to navigate your way around the internet. Judging from the fact you found us, we think you'll be just fine.

Am I guaranteed a job?

While we'd love to be able to guarantee a job, we aren't fortune tellers. What we can guarantee is that you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to clarify what you want, articulate your worth, understand and navigate the workplace, and lead a strategic job search. 

Not to mention that if you're not satisfied with the value you receive in the program, we'll happily issue a refund once we understand the attempts you made to implement the course practices.  

What's the time commitment?

When you sign up for the program, you gain lifetime access to all the downloadable resources and video trainings. This way, you can work the program at your own pace and own convenience. 

We also continuously update the content with the latest, most relevant data and information for your continued growth.

That being said—our highly-motivated students usually complete the program material within two weeks' time. 

Ready to get un-stuck?

Career Smartcut Program is waiting for you—but these sweet bonuses won't!  

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